And wine to gladden the heart of man.

(psalm 104,15)

„Herausragend: die reifen Rieslinge mit Jahrgangstiefe“1 (4 Trauben Gault & Millau Wein Guide 2024), „Wunderbar“2 (Falstaff Wein Guide 2021), „Aufgestiegen!“3(Der Feinschmecker, Die 555 besten Weingüter in Deutschland 2024), „Brillant!“4 (Fallstaff Wein Guide 2019), „… Nick Köwerich hat seinen Stil gefunden …“5 (Vinum Weinguide 2019), „Ein rest- beziehungsweise edelsüßes Feuerwerk haben die Weine von Nick Köwerich in diesem Jahr auf unserem Verkostungstisch abgebrannt.“ (Vinum Weinguide 2024), „… drücken die Liebe und Verbundenheit des Winzers zum eleganten, zarten und manchmal auch verspielten Riesling-Stil aus …“6
1 „Outstanding: the ripe Rieslings with depth of vintage“, 2 “Wonderful”, 3 „Ascended!“, 4 „Brilliant!“ 5 „Nick Köwerich has found his style“ 6 „Nick Köwerich’s noble sweet wines set off fireworks on our tasting table this year“
These quotes give you a little taste of the wine estate between the vines and the river. Leiwen is located on the Central Mosel, nestling on a particularly beautiful river bend between Trier and Bernkastel. The valley is sun-drenched, and the landscape and the aroma of the wine that has been growing here for two millennia is characterised by blue Devonian slate. Riesling has been grown on the Mosel since 1465. Our family has been listed in the town’s parish register since 1548. As aspiring viticulture engineers, in Geisenheim we have learned that tradition belongs in the bottle, and not on it. That’s why it’s okay for some of our wines to have unconventional names. Nevertheless, just like our ancestors, we live by the rhythm of the vines and are allowed to produce something that accompanies humankind’s magical moments: Birthdays, weddings … It’s quite simple: “And wine to gladden the heart of man.” (psalm 104,15).

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“… in perfekter Balance …”1 (Vinum Weinguide 2023), „… mit seinem Schliff und seiner Transparenz …“2 (Vinum Weinguide 2018), „Urlaub für den Gaumen …“3 (InStyle 10/2009), „… spritzig und harmonisch …“4 (Brigitte 17/2000)

1 “… in perfect balance …”, 2 “… with its polish and its transparency …”, 3 “… A holiday for the palate …”, 4 “… tangy and harmonious …”

Insight N 1

Tangy, harmonious – down-to-earth. Coming from the vineyards around Leiwen, it gives insight into the cheerful, carefree side of the Mosel Riesling year after year. It shows at its best with popular dishes like oysters, roasts, coq au vin … And in addition great with fish like pike-perch fillet. It is equally at home in award-winning restaurants and student pubs. It particularly likes to celebrate weddings and birthdays. But often, a carefree day or an exuberant night is enough.

„… lightness of touch …“ (, 13.04.2021), „Beliebtester Riesling“1 (Publikumspreis Frankfurter Rieslingtag 2018), „… im Mund tanzt er seinen Namen …“2 (SWR 2013), „… frisch und mit Pfirsichnoten …“3 (Gala 44/2006)

1 “Most popular Riesling”, 2 “… it dances its name in your mouth …”, 3 “… fresh and with peach notes …”


Playful flower scents from our special vineyards. For daytime, evening and night. A classic, and unmistakably Mosel. We highly recommend it with fine, light dishes and Asian food.

„Complex nose in which spring meadow, crisp pear and a wide spectrum of citrus aromas pull you into the succulent,but very focused palate …“ (, 24.02.2023)“… a very cool, elegant Mosel Spätlese … long, delicate, slate-like finish …” 13.4.2021, “… nose combines the fragrance of morning dew … and a subtle touch of spice …” ( (MS) 15.08.2016), „… unorthodoxer Wein für eine junge Generation …“1 (Meisterwerke des Weines, Tre Torri Verlag, 2008), „… Der James Bond unter den Möselchen … Klassiker …“2 (wein.pur 2/2007)

1 “… unorthodox wine for a young generation …”, 2 “… the James Bond among the Mosel wines … a classic …


Sensual, sweet and sinful. Opulent Mosel summer and sun concentrate. Scents of apricot and peach, tropical accents, honey and spicy aromas paired with citrus freshness. We allow it to mature in the bottle for a few months so it can develop, and we love it as an aperitif and paired with Asian food or cheese. We also appreciate its gentle power paired with or instead of a dessert.
4. Platz FOCUS Weintest Riesling trocken (1/2024 FOCUS), „ … Aromen von Zitronenmelisse, Limette, Veilchen, Wiesenkräutern und nassem Schiefer … kräuterwürzigen, balsamischen Noten im Nachhall …” 1 (Falstaff Wein Guide 2023)„ … schieferwürzig-rauchig … Herr Mosel trägt Anzug … nonchalante Eleganz …“ 2(Falstaff Wein Guide 2021)

1 “… aromas of lemon balm, lime, violets, meadow herbs and wet slate … herbal, spicy, balsamic notes in the finish”, 2 “… slate-spicy and smoky … Mr. Mosel wears a suit … nonchalant elegance …”


The gentleman to Fräulein Mosel, with a daring look and a latent tendency to fine dining, dry, mineral, likes to show off his muscles – for evenings at the campfire and a german gigolo.

„Wunderbar…” (Falstaff Wein Guide 2024)1, „A delicious Mosel Kabinett that balances delicate peachy fruit with lemon zest freshness and decorates them with a bunch of spring flowers. And in spite of all this charm, there’s a structure behind this that will give it a long life. Long wet stone and lime zest finish …“ (, 24.02.2023) „… spielt mit herrlicher Honigsüße, dezenter Säure und Zitrusaromen.“ (Gala 50/2019), „… ein Fräuleinwunder unter Starkstrom!“2 (Fallstaff Wein Guide Deutschland 2019), „… üppiger und kraftvoller Riesling …“3 (Vinum Weinguide Deutschland 2019), „… das Fräulein gefällt aber auch als Aperitifwein …“4 (Stern 11.1.2018)

1 Wonderful, 2 “… a high-powered girl wonder …”, 3 “… lush and strong Riesling …”, 4 “… Fräulein Mosel is also great as an aperitif wine …”


Young and a little wild and definitely not too dry. It deliberately breaks with convention and loves to be paired with hearty dishes. It wouldn’t say no to a bit of Asian food either. It gives a new twist to traditional dishes such as liver sausage and ham sandwiches and turns a Wednesday evening with friends, ham, sausage and bread into a small and unforgettable party.
„This youthful and vibrant … Mosel wine has bright yet subtle aromas of white peach, lemon zest and fresh garden herbs. Sleek palate with tons of wet stone character and racy energy. Long, crystalline finish …“ (, 24.02.2023)


A Riesling that is a bit like the big, serious brother of “Insight N°1” comes “Von den Bergen an der Mosel (from the mountains of the Mosel)”. It grows in our special locations: Leiwener Laurentiuslay, Köwericher Laurentiuslay or Klüsserather Brotherhood.

„TOP 10”, 95 Punkte, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Beerenauslese 2022 (Vinum Weinguide 2024), „So pristine and precise with a beautiful silkiness …“, 94 Punkte, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Grosse Lage Riesling trocken 2020 (, 24.02.2023)„Built to last“, 94 Punkte, Leiwener Laurentiuslay 2019 Riesling trocken (, 13.04.2021), „Reifer Pfirsich, Schiefer und Salz, sehr mineralisch und straff, Trockenkräuter. Komplex mit viel Finesse, tragender Säure, sehr saftig, wunderbare Länge. Hat noch viele Jahre vor sich.“1 94 Punkte, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling trocken 2015 (Die Besten der Besten. Ausgezeichnet., GENUSS.wein.pur Trophy 2/2019) „… Like all Nick Köwerich’s noble sweet offerings, this wine exhibits a rich and almost oily texture, but a cool salty tang, fresh orange and a zesty piquancy banish any danger of cloying. A juicy taste of raisins completes a delightful experience …“, 18 Punkte, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Beerenauslese 2015 ( (MS) 15.08.2016)

1 “Ripe peach, slate and salt, very mineral and firm, dried herbs. Complex with a lot of finesse, supporting acidity, very juicy, wonderful length. Has many years ahead of him.”


Falstaff Wine Guide 2024 names the Leiwener Laurentiuslay as one of 19 privileged Lagen out of a total of 524 Einzellagen in the Mosel wine-growing region. With its south-southwest exposure, the blue Devonian slate catches the afternoon and evening sun.


Small on the outside, big on the inside. Insight N°1 and for fairies & elves in the 0.25 liter bottle. Riesling to go. Riesling at its best. Individually or in a set.


Mature Rieslings from the Mosel cannot be copied anywhere in the world. With some of them, you want to say a prayer of thanks before, during and after drinking them; just because they exist. Because while the world continues to rotate around us, loudly and noisily, you can relax and let the summer long gone dance on your tongue. Liquid time. Liquid happiness.


2008er Leiwener Laurentius Riesling Spätlese Für Träumer und Helden (Selection Valeria Gamper WineParis 2023)
2013er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese (3. Platz Riesling Champion Vinum 2023)
1992er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Auslese feinherb: „Vital und mit strahlender Säure gesegnet, steht sie ohne jegliche Überreife wunderbar klar im Glase. So gut können 30 Jahre einem Wein tun …“1 (Vinum Weinguide 2024)
2012er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese feinherb: „… ihre furiose, feinherbe Laurentiuslay-Spätlese aus 2012 kann ein Augenöffner dafür sein … spielerisch und tänzelnd … Kompliment…“2 (Falstaff Wein Guide 2024)


2009er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Beerenauslese (5 Trauben Gault&Millau Weinguide 2023)
2011er Für Träumer und Helden Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese (92 Punkte Fallstaff Wein Guide 2023)
2013er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese (4 Trauben Gault&Millau Weinguide 2023)


2008er Für Träumer und Helden, Leiwener Laurentiuslay Spätlese 94 Punkte James 2021
2. Platz, Best of Deutschland, Kategorie Riesling feinherb/halbtrocken/fruchtsüß, Vinum Wine Competition 2021

2009er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Beerenauslese 94 Punkte James 2021


„… komplex und dicht, salzig.” 95 Punkte (Falstaff Weinguide 2021, über 2009 Laurentiuslay Beerenauslese)


2004er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese 1st place Best of Riesling 2017, category mature Riesling; 
95 points, Gold, DECANTER; 
Best of Show Riesling late harvest, Mundus Vini spring tasting ProWein)


2001er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese Best of Show Riesling late harvest, Mundus vini spring tasting ProWein


1999er Leiwener Laurentiuslay Riesling Spätlese 2nd place Best of Riesling category sweet
 Regional Trophy, Gold, DECANTER; 
Best Riesling off-dry, Mundus vini spring tasting ProWein

Hier kann der Inhalt erstellt werden, der innerhalb des Moduls benutzt wird.

1 Vital and blessed with radiant acidity, it stands wonderfully clear in the glass without any overripeness. That’s how good 30 years can be for a wine….
2 … their furious, off-dry Laurentiuslay-Spätlese from 2012 can be an eye-opener for this … playful and prancing … Congratulations…

Hier kann der Inhalt erstellt werden, der innerhalb des Moduls benutzt wird.

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